The Spring Edition 

If you are staying in (I am) or travelling to London for Spring Bank Holiday, below is the list of exhibitions I have seen and reviewed from most to least preferred. 

  The Primavera (or the Allegory of Spring), Botticelli

1. Inventing Impressionism, National Gallery, until 31 May

Inventing Impressionism, now at the National Gallery is not only an exhibition on what Durand-Ruel owned and sold but importantly on his pivotal role in creating a taste for Impressionism amongst collectors. Read more 

2. Richard Diebenkorn, Royal Academy, until 7 June

Diebenkorn at the Royal Academy is one of those exhibitions that you know you like after a few minutes in, seduced by the artist’s balanced compositions and subtle colour palette. Read more 

3. Sargent Portraits of Artists and Friends, National Portrait Gallery, until 25 May

John Singer Sargent was just another portraitist to me, until I saw his jaw-dropping Bedouins (c. 1905–6, Brooklyn Museum). The NPG in London is holding an exhibition of his portraits of artists and friends. Read more 

4. Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector, Barbican Art Gallery, until 25 May 

The exhibition allows us, art visitors and aspiring collectors, to learn what inspires artists’ own collections. As I discovered, there can be a sharp contrast between artists’ own work and what they collect… Read more 

5. Savage Beauty, V&A, until 2 August 

Two exhibitions in London celebrate the iconic designer Alexander McQueen, nicknamed “Lee”: a photographic exhibition, Nick Waplington/Alexander McQueen: Working Process at Tate Britain, and a crowd-pleasing fashion show Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty at the V&A. Read more 

6. Defining beauty – the body in ancient Greek art, British Museum, until 5 July 

The British Museum holds the exhibition “Defining beauty – the body in ancient Greek art”, based on its permanent collection, looking at Ancient Greek art focusing on the human body. Read more 

7. Sonia Delaunay, Tate Modern, until 9 August 2015 

Did Sonia Delaunay have sacrificed her career for Robert? This question has haunted me since the opening of the exhibition at Tate Modern. My friend M. agreed with me but Juliet Bingham, co-curator of the exhibition, disagreed. Read more 

8. Ancient lives, new discoveries, British Museum, until 12 July 

‘Ancient lives, new discoveries’ at the British Museum was an exception to my exhibition viewing, which consists almost exclusively of exhibitions in the art field. I have a secret fascination for mummies though… Read more 

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