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Welcome to La Fée Culturelle ! Friends often ask me which exhibitions or museums they should see. I thought the best place to do this would be an art blog… An art blog made by a non art professional for anyone, whether passionate art fans or just art curious.

A bit about me. My family is from Cambodia, I was born in France and I live in London. It can be tricky answering the simple question “where are you from”. My other passion is travelling so some of my posts have the best of both worlds, when I see art on my trips.

I developed my passion for art almost by accident in 2002 after visiting Italy. Because my friend took the wrong train, leaving me in the train to Milan alone, I read the Uffizi gallery guidebook from beginning to end. Reading about Filippo Lippi, Botticelli, Bronzino, Fra Angelico and Piero della Francesca sparked a great deal of curiosity and desire to learn more about Italian Renaissance.

Back to France, I invited a friend to see the Magritte exhibition (Jeu de Paume, 2003). It was there that I saw a Magritte painting (“Le Bouquet tout Fait”) which included an image from Botticelli’s Spring. I was thrilled when I recognised the image from what I had seen at the Uffizi. Since then, my passion for art has only increased, and I find myself going to exhibitions during my free time. 

La Fée Culturelle means the cultural fairy in French… Like a dear reader told me: the wings of a culture vulture… in the guise of those of a fairy!
Happy reading!

20130720-091259.jpg La Fée Culturelle outside the Moderna Museet, Stockholm

14 responses to “About me

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  4. Hi, i would like to get in contact with you regarding your recent post on Camille Henrot. Could you please send me an email ? I can not find yours. Thanks in advance,
    Best regards,

  5. Hi,
    I would like to send you a press kit regarding an exhibition, Loft gallery will organize May 15th 2014.

    Could you forward me your email contact ?

    Thanks and Regards,

  6. Hi Navann, My name is Daisy and I’m a friend of Yannick Pucci’s. I’m sorry to write you here, but don’t see an email for you (no need to publish, obviously). I have a company that runs museum treasure hunts (THATLou au Louvre, THATd’Or au Musee d’Orsay) and have just moved in London with my family to expand to the BM with THATMuse. Am having one for some friends on Sunday and Yannick suggested I invite you to bring a team (of 2-4 people). It’s rather last min notice (Sun 9 Oct, from 3-6 pm), but if you happen to be around and would like to play, pls drop me a line (my gmail is daisydeplume). And if not, and you’re free for coffee sometime it’d be lovely to meet you. You have a wonderful collection of posts here! Kind regards, Daisy

    • Hi Daisy, so sorry for the late reply. I would love to have a coffee soon to hear more about it. Alternatively, let me know when is the next event. Looking forward to catching up!

  7. Bonjour La fée,
    Over the past year you have posted a couple of images of my work on twitter. If you are in London at the moment I have an exhibition on, part of the Merge Festival. I am exhibiting a new piece and I am looking for feedback. There is also a book launch, but it is tomorrow evening. More info here: http://mergefestival.co.uk/merge-events-2017/2017/5/24/machine-studies-patrick-tresset-a-classroom-of-robots It would be amazing if you could come to visit the show.

    All the best,

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