Meet a Museum Blogger: La Fée Culturelle

Everything you always wanted to know about La Fée Culturelle but were afraid to ask, by MuseumMinute’s Meet a Museum Blogger

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Museum Minute

La Fée Culturelle’s family is from Cambodia. She was born in France and now lives in London. Friends often ask her which exhibitions or museums they should see and she thought the best place to offer her view would be in an art blog… and here we are! An art blog by a non-art professional for anyone, whether passionate art fans or just art curious.

La Fée CulturelleDo you work in a museum? If not, where do you work? Tell us about your job.

I don’t work in a museum. I work for an investment bank. My job is to recommend investments for institutional clients. I write research pieces to support my investment recommendations and explain my analysis of companies and sectors. It may be my analytical mind that makes me look at art for a long time (looking for those fine details!).

What’s your educational background?

I studied economics and…

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