La Fée Culturelle at the 2013 Pride in London

What’s better than the Pride in London parade for a source of inspiration for a street photography workshop? Last Saturday, the Royal Academy organised a street photography workshop to coincide with the Pride march. Street photography is a documentary style, which records the candid moments and situations of strangers in a public space. Henri Cartier Bresson is the best known street photographer.

My friend D. and I met at the Royal Academy, happy that the sun was with us. She brought a 1970s manual camera and a gigantic reflex camera lent by her neighbour – don’t ask me details, I know a little more about photography now, but not the technical details. I had my new camera, an excellent entry-level hybrid (Sony NEX 3N), a late Valentine gift by Mr BB.

I was probably the least knowledgeable of the group, not knowing about shutter, aperture, ISO and wide-angle! I am not unhappy of my pictures though 🙂 See below some of them:


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