Gary Hume @ Tate Britain: Hmm…

Tate Britain Caulfield exhibition runs in parallel with a show of contemporary artist Gary Hume (1962-), officially offering visitors “the chance to see alongside each other two complementary British painters from different generations”.

I tried but failed to comprehend the rationale of contrasting Gary Hume with Patrick Caulfield. So I will avoid the trap of writing about their common points and differences as part of a forced comparison. Perhaps a better observation is to note the tendency of museums to offer joint tickets for two small exhibitions, without the possibility to buy a standalone ticket…

Gary Hume is mostly known for his life-size representations of hospital doors. One example is conveniently shown at the entrance of the Tate Britain exhibition. Hume later turned to glossy/enamel paint on aluminium, in abstract to more figurative works, which are shown in the current exhibition. I was only intrigued by the the texture of the delineating lines in those works. While I appreciate the efforts of an artist to diversify from a working idea, Gary Hume’s aluminium paintings didn’t appeal to me.

As the combined ticket includes both Caulfield and Hume exhibitions, I would recommend only a short glance at the latter, to make more time for Caulfield. Tate Britain exhibition of Gary Hume runs until September 1st.


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