Learning to draw : “more Cezanne than Cezanne”

Can you like art without possessing any artistic skills? Of course, the answer is yes. We enjoy opera without knowing how to sing and I am passionate about art but have no talent for drawing at all. I attended a drawing course with my friend Y, organised at the National Gallery, on the ambitious theme of Cezanne’s bathers (Les Grandes Baigneuses). The life model assumed different poses based on the painting and our aim was to recreate our own bathers’ scene. Cezanne famously saw cones, spheres and cylinders in nature and our course tutor asked us to concentrate on the geometric shapes of our model’s body. Cezanne’s bathers are solid forms with strict architectural structure. However, I was the only one following her instructions – which suited me as it is easier to draw geometric forms than a female nude! Everybody else created sophisticated beautiful drawings but the teacher did stop at mine and found it very interesting. My friend Y. even told me I was more Cezanne than Cezanne himself! Were they mocking me…?!



2 responses to “Learning to draw : “more Cezanne than Cezanne”

  1. I love the first one, especially, it has real substance and even personality, with only a few strokes. This can’t be your first attempt at life drawing, surely? I’m impressed!

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