Learning to be an art critic, week 2: the Art Apprentice

This week, we got straight to the point: deconstructing and writing reviews. We started discussing the structure, paragraph by paragraph, of a “real” review, in effect a critique of a critique. The course tutor then lead our discussion to a six-point suggested structure.

We formed groups of six and each member had to come up with one the six points, together producing a group review on selected rooms of the Tate Modern’s Bigger Splash exhibition. When hearing the instructions, I felt it would be a difficult to get the groups to agree on a conclusion in so little time, but in fact the groups produced quite effective critiques. I had to write the sixth point (i.e. the conclusion) for the review of room 10, which presented the works of Irwin, a collective of five artists from Slovenia.

It was also a good opportunity to hear everyone. The format lessened the pressure on presenting as an individual as the critique was the result of a group brainstorming.

I am looking forward to trying the six-point structure in my next posts!

Link to week 1


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