Tokyo meets New York at Tate Modern

Last weekend was my photography weekend. I saw Seduced by Art at the National Gallery, and the day after went to William Klein + Daido Moriyama at the Tate Modern. Two retrospectives side by side. I wasn’t familiar with their work but that’s what exhibitions are for! Both artists are at the opposite of the NG exhibition in the sense that their photographs are truthful and unprepared.

William Klein (WK) is an American photographer, filmmaker, and graphic designer born and raised in New York. His photographs show a city not by its key monuments, rather by its people. WK infuses a personality to cities, so his NY is aggressive, his Tokyo is fierce and his Rome is happy.

Japanese artist Daido Moriyama (DM) was influenced by WK as well as Warhol in his fascination with consumerism, death, and prints in series. DM chose street performers in Tokyo but with a deliberate insider’s view compared to WK. Sometimes without any agenda, other times orchestrating pairs, or focusing on objects and patterns. Travel to New York and Tokyo until this Sunday (January 20th).


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