Gold medal for Bronze

What a wonderful exhibition! At first reluctant to see an exhibition which shows only bronze pieces, I changed my mind from the first room. Bronze is the oldest artistic medium after stone, wood, shell and bone, is still in use today in various countries. The Royal Academy exhibition reflects that geographical and chronological variety. The show is organised by themes (eg. gods, animals, objects) and it is refreshing to see Italian sculptures close to Nigerian objects – Nigeria has developed a solid bronze expertise and is well represented in the exhibition; Giacometti and Etrusque sculptures that inspired him; Cambodian works of art 🙂 from the Baphuon and early Angkor periods.

Also to note, a copy of Cellini’s Perseus with the Head of Medusa, the original being in Florence, an elephant wine vessel from China, Picasso’s Baboon… I discovered De Vries, a sculptor active in 16th century in The Hague before moving to Italy. His reliefs of the forge of vulcan were better than Donatello’s in my view.

I have a habit to see London exhibitions in their last days; this time you have until Dec 9 to enjoy it. Highly recommended.


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