More on my favourite Portuguese contemporary artist, Joana Vasconcelos

I was walking with my friend D. to see the Bronze exhibition at the RA when I saw that the Haunch of Venison gallery was showing Joana Vasconcelos. Bronze would have to wait! I discovered the 41 year-old Portuguese artist at her Château de Versailles’ show and since then, I have been looking for an opportunity to see more of her work. See my post (in French) on her exhibition in Versailles.

The Haunch of Venison exhibition shows her ‘Full Steam Ahead’, a sculpture made of steam irons in the shape of a flower. The petals (i.e. steam irons) open and close, expelling steam in the process. Or at least they should. Unfortunately, there was a technical problem when we visited and it was a still life.

‘Valkyrie Crown’, made of woolen knitting and crochet, is part of the Valkyrie series (war goddesses saving the brave in battles) and celebrates the British monarchy as represented by the crown (picture below). The Tetris series show Tetris-shapes covered in local ceramic tiles pierced by tentacles in woolen crochet, fabric and ornaments. Like many pieces from Joana Vasconcelos, the Valkyrie Crown and Tetrises drew on Portuguese arts and craft.

I am very much looking forward to her work for the 2013 Venice Biennale. Her Haunch of Venison show has ended unfortunately but kudos to the gallery, them seem to be on a roll.



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